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  • James Hamilton

    Founder / President

    Don't let anyone tell you that business isn't personal. How you conduct your business is the real you and who you aspire to be.

Providing focus in a limitless world.

With any new web project, it's easy to want everything. We'll work with you to filter out the "what can wait" from the "do it now."

Experience is our most precious asset.

December, 2013 will mark Offshoot's 10th year in business. We've learned a lot on this journey, and it's our ability to adapt and respond that's kept us sharp and our solutions on point. With every project we harvest our innovations and apply our findings across the board. Our clients benefit from this expertise that, in turn, allows us to deliver solutions on time and on budget.

Our quest is simple - we want to be the best at what we do.

Let us help you.

We take pride in our strong relationships and the ways we help our clients so get in touch and we'll hash out a plan to bring your company's web presence to the best it can be.

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