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Jolt Cola

Gives you a Jolt

Jolt Cola

One of my friends showed interest in the original Jolt cola, he said it is (and I quote) “the best there is and it tastes JUST GREAT.” Naturally I was skeptical, so I tested it out.

When I wandered into the store I gravitated over to the energy drinks and hunted down the Jolt colas. They weren’t hard to find, they come in a can that resembles a giant battery. I decided to pick up the original (despite the fluorescent “ultra jolt” can they had that was calling my name) and dashed for the checkout. I had my usual caffeine fund ready in my hand to pay for the drink. Little did I know this Jolt was the most expensive energy drink I have ever purchased. I ended up shelling out $5 for this beast (actually it was $5.02… but my convenience store waved the 2 cents for me [yay]). After mourning the loss of my $5 bill I headed back to the office.

I opened the battery shaped can without delay and noticed a slight aroma wafting out of the battery sitting in front of me. It smelled like… cola. It was just regular cola. After inhaling the smell that was filling up my corner of the office I held my breath and took a big drink. Just as I suspected, not only did it smell like cola, but it tastes like it too. It’s just as sweet as Pepsi but tastes flat and slightly watered down.

Speaking Test:
After drinking about three quarters of the Jolt I notice my speech has become more rapid and less understandable. My words began to fuse together to form new words. As cool as making up your own words is, it’s not cool when nobody has any idea what you are saying.

Feeling Test:
My hands felt kinda funny. They felt lighter and had a slight tingling feeling. I also had slightly more trouble focusing in on objects. Nothing bad though.

The caffeine kick was pretty good considering the low caffeine content for the size of can. I’m not the biggest fan of drinks that taste like flat pepsi but the Jolt was not bad, not bad at all.

Caffeine: 140mg per 695mL (kinda low)
Taste: 2.5 out of 5
Buzz: 3 out of 5
Verdict: Tastes like cola, decent boost. It’s a nice change.

Side note: I’m hungry.

3 Responses to Jolt Cola

  1. says:

    As always, great review, kept me on the edge of a seat =)
    However, even after the huge disappointment, I insist that you try a cherry or blue cola one, the regular JOLT does taste like PEPSI (which makes it not less powerful for me, i prefer pepsi over coke *hides the can of coke that he is drinking right now*)
    I was very disappointed to hear that you paid such a big buck for it, knowing that one of the advantages of JOLT is it’s size and price ratio – it’s a budget drink with luxury kick (at least for me; it always made me almost jittery). But then again, last time I drank it was like a year ago. For me it’s not that easy to find it in stores, so it’s sorta like treasure for me.
    Keep us posted, dewd!

    lvl42 tauren hunter
    lvl14 draenei shammie
    yes, ai haz no laif

  2. alex says:

    i don’t see why they have to add all that energy crap, why cant they just keep the original formula and flavor ??!!!!


    anyone correct me if im wrong about anything. =)

  3. says:

    hey alex, i was very surprised to hear that Jolt actually has or ever had a non-energy version of their drinks…
    When I was introduced to that drink, it was the only version available.
    However, I drink energy drinks on a regular basis and not only have nothing against them, but actually prefer them sometimes, but I am sure that the original is pretty good too and I would love to try it…

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