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Using Zend_Soap_Client with the Campaign Monitor API

I recently needed to write a PHP client to integrate with the SOAP side of the Campaign Monitor API. The code was pretty simple and straight-forward, but I was getting a weird error: 101 Invalid ListID. I checked and re-checked my ListID in our Campaign Monitor account and verified that I was using the correct ListID. Why then was I getting this Invalid ListID error?

After reading the Campaign Monitor API documentation a couple times, I realized that there was a specific header that I wasn’t using:

SOAPAction: ""

Due to the Invalid ListID error, I wasn’t even thinking about headers! To fix the problem, all I needed to add was one line of code:

        new SoapHeader($soapUri, 'SOAPAction', $soapUri . $action)

Then everything worked! Awesome.

Here’s a full code snippet:

$wsdl = '';
$soapUri = '';
$apiUri = '';
$apiKey = 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'; // replace with your API key!
$listId = 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'; // replace with a valid ListID! ;)
$action = 'Subscriber.Add';
		$method = 'AddSubscriber';
$client = new Zend_Soap_Client($wsdl);
        new SoapHeader($soapUri, 'SOAPAction', $soapUri . $action)
$params = array ('ApiKey' => $apiKey,
		 'ListID' => $listId,
		 'Email' => '[email protected]',
		 'Name' => 'Test Testford');
$response = $client->$method($params);
$resultName = $action . 'Result';

3 Responses to Using Zend_Soap_Client with the Campaign Monitor API

  1. Marc Guyer says:

    Hey Chris — Thanks for posting this info. I’m working on a ZF compatible wrapper for CM SOAP interaction but I continually get the same error: 101 Invalid ListID. Were you really able to get this to work? I can’t even get this to work:

  2. @Marc, have you confirmed that you’ve properly set an HTTP header for the SOAP Action? In this case,
    SOAPAction: “”. It needs to be added through your SOAP Client.

    I’m also assuming you’ve verified that the ListID you’re posting to is correct. :)

    I have been able to add subscribers successfully using the code above

  3. Marc Guyer says:

    Chris — I didn’t completely RTFM of course. I ended up writing a nice little wrapper that you might be interested in.

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