Canadian Federation of Students

The Canadian Federation of Students has been a client since before we were Offshoot.

The CFS currently represents over 500,000 students from more than 70 University and College Students’ Unions across Canada. The web portfolio we manage includes approximately 200 websites and 8 custom web apps.

For many years, much of the CFS infrastructure was built on top of our own proprietary Content Management System. As WordPress has matured as a framework and CMS platform we’ve made the jump to WordPress multisite instances and custom, focused themes that make managing content a straight forward and efficient process.

In our decade plus relationship the development landscape has changed a great deal. What would once take weeks or months for us to develop from scratch can now be built with open source and cloud based apps. By leveraging existing technology and web services we can spend much more of our development time extending and refining. We know first hand that spending less time on development and more time on refinements lets us create efficient, well designed interfaces for the end users.